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HEAVY MTL – Battle of the Bands 2012 – Second Battle

A total of 20 bands have been selected to take over Katakombes‘ stage every second Wednesday of the month, starting January 11. Their goal? To win one of two prized spots on the 2012 lineup of Heavy MTL, August 10 to 12! Watch a recap of the second battle with 3 Mile Scream, Aeon's Fall, Ashes of Eden and Skyode .

  1. Shino / April 9, 2012

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  2. Nga / April 7, 2012

    How are they live? Not too bad. When I first saw them they were a little spploy in the breaks and pretty much had no stage presence. Granted they were all just barely 15 and had only been playing together about 3 months. Sometimes they would write a song in the morning and try to play it live that night.The guitar playing on this song was almost all single takes, where I used alt takes were in some of the transitions and the power chord breaks. Very little done post pro other than the usual mix treatments. Vocals where the most edited with several takes to get a nice even take. The singer is a little more raw live and often pitchy i chaulk it up to bad monitoring.The drummer is the youngest and he is dead on tight to the 64th note! I have never seen or heard anything like it. Not only is he tight. He showed up with a drum score in hand. Brad if you’re up to it, see them Feb 19th at In The Venue in SLC. Its the “Next Big Thing Tour” with about 40 bands playing from 11am to 11pm.I’m video recording a gig of theirs tomorrow night I got a new toy for my b-day and am going to attempt my first ever music video LOL

  3. Gealmir / April 7, 2012

    …on the way home from our little tearvls we listened to the whole “Hidden World” cd (my first time all of the way through) and I thanked God for finally delivering a current band in the world I am finding myself in again that I think is good, one that I would like ten years ago or ten years into the future from now. This can’t be a everyday occurence so I thank you. Seriously.I hope you liked the comic books.

  4. Simon / March 27, 2012

    As a band sometimes you have to play some gigs for free to get your name out there so that doesnt even matter. It’s not always about money for me. If you truley love your music you’re going to have fun with it and the payback is the smile on someone’s face in the audience. I’m in the competition and they didnt give us free coffee but i got free beer and tons of free water.

    • Mythrei / September 14, 2012

      , a pullback can aawlys turn into a breakdown right quick.I believe we might have the turn in commodities – China might have finally turned out the light on this round of ebulence. We’ll see – I’ve been early by about 3 weeks :O so don’t want to make any victory calls yet. Logic would dictate this is a spot for reversal but logic means nothing in market.MTL > SID hehe

  5. Mike / March 16, 2012

    My band competed in this competition and I want to just say that by no means is this a scam and all the bands have been well taken care of. This is a legitimate competition to get onto the bill for Heavy MTL. I can’t speak for other bands, but for my own (who’ve been together for 12 years), we’re not in this for the money, and given the state of the music industry in 2012 I don’t think any up and coming band should be. They’d be setting themselves up for disappointment. Playing in a band should first and foremost be about having fun, an escape from the mundane. It should be about the music and the fans.

    • Mami / April 8, 2012

      Like em’ , like em’ ,.. not as bad as thier ranking sggeusts at all. They have a bit of a ‘Ramones’ vibe about them,..a popsical-punk skater/surfer assemble. DC, how the hell do you get these tracks sounding so fucken crisp and rich?.. I felt like I was being swipped to the body and head with these instruments, they’ve been compressed into mp3, yet still weavel the soul in all forms of metal, skin brass and wood. How does the factory work mate?..

  6. AnonymousOne / March 15, 2012

    Marcel, most of what you say is true (albeit in a very negative light) but don’t forget that playing for “free” is also beneficial for the bands wishing to be recognized and gain popularity, even more so if the band wins a spot at Heavy MTL. In today’s model of a capitalist society driven by a small group of wealthy elite family’s, it’s unfortunate but that’s just the way it is. We have no one to blame but ourselves for contributing into this system of greed, we all have done it at least once in our lives!

    FWIW, I have bought CD’s of bands Ive seen play for “free” so its not ALL bad.

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    • Cristian / October 13, 2012

      Dear Basbwe, I have been publicising the Festival cmonig up on Saturday within my band (Suffolk Concert Band) and to date we have two people cmonig. I don’t know if you need names, but this is just to let you know to expect Sarah Stirling and Adrian Budgen on the day and to allocate two of the four free tickets put aside for member bands. Many thanks.All best regardsAdrianSCB Committee Member

  7. Marcel / March 15, 2012

    Competition of rock band in Montreal is know by most musician has an old scam to get you to play for free. Bar will not even buy you a complementary coffee for playing there, they might even make you pay for a bottle of water. And the winner, in this case gets to work for free and win a weekend pass for the heavy metal weekend where he will be working. We just as musician cannot support this kind of rip-off.

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